The Highlights of Mechanical Engineering in Chattanooga TN

by | Feb 9, 2017 | Science and Technology

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Chattanooga is the fourth largest city in Tennessee with over 170,000 residents. The city’s main economic source comes from the numerous manufacturing companies stationed within the city. Some of the nature of the manufacturing plants stationed in Chattanooga deal with bottling beverages, brewing beer, designing parking systems, just for starters. All these companies in the city use and maintain heavy machinery that need constant service and upkeep. For this reason, these manufacturing companies require top skills in Mechanical Engineering in Chattanooga TN.

Since the main economic source of the city of Chattanooga comes from manufacturing companies, the state made sure that the demands for well-trained and educated mechanical engineers are met. In fact, the Chattanooga State Community College offers a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Aside from this, the state college also offers a transfer program which can assist excelling students to move to a larger state university. Such program creates outstanding mechanical engineering graduates; who can work and serve the city of Chattanooga TN.

Work opportunities for new and even experienced mechanical engineers within Chattanooga TN are always abundant. One of the best engineering companies accepts new and qualified engineers in their excellent pool of professional engineers.

Campbell & Associates was established as an answer to the growing mechanical engineering needs and demands in Chattanooga TN. Started in the late 1940s by founder, George Campbell, Campbell & Associates aim to provide full services in Mechanical Engineering in Chattanooga TN and the rest of North America. At present, Campbell & Associates provide eight different services from Mechanical and Electrical Engineering needs and Plumbing and Geothermal Engineering needs to Fire Safety, Solar Power System, and Energy Modeling. The vast experience and know-how of the staff at Campbell & Associates create a top notch team that can service engineering needs of the city.

Visit Campbell & Associates Inc website,, to learn more about the services, ongoing projects, and opportunities available. For further inquiries, leave a message with your name and number and one of the staff will answer the inquiry. Also, check the latest news about the engineering needs and innovations in and around Chattanooga at the website’s News section.