Hologram Signage is Rapidly Emerging as the Next Wave of Advertising

by | Jul 18, 2023 | Science and Technology

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Hologram Signage is Rapidly Emerging as the Next Wave of AdvertisingºIn March 2023, a special event at the Los Angeles Convention Center allowed fans of the L.A. Galaxy soccer club to interact with star players such as Javier “el Chicharito” Hernandez and Daniel Aguirre via holographic communications. Neither of the talented midfielders was at the event held by a major brand that has sponsored the Galaxy for years; their real-time interaction with fans was facilitated by the same technology used by hologram signage solutions.

Professional sports leagues in North America are known for their innovative approach to marketing, advertising, and fan engagement. Major League Soccer, for example, has been using holograms since the 2020 season, and the National Basketball Association quickly followed. Major League Baseball expects to have hologram signage installed in half of its ballparks over the next two seasons. These leagues make substantial investments in market research, and the advertising trends they set invariably spread to other segments, which explains why the use of holograms is on the rise.

Market analysts who have been following the rise of holographic displays for promotional purposes have noticed that this advertising technology is currently going through a period of social media buzz. The parent company of Facebook and Instagram plans to use holograms at events to promote the ongoing development of the metaverse. Of all the advertising techniques currently in use, holograms have proven to be the most attention-grabbing because they are intrinsically designed to stand out. Holographic displays also create memorable experiences, which is what professional sports leagues strive to deliver; for business owners and brand managers, this can translate into brand recognition and message retention.