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Providing Continuity of Care from Detox to Outpatient Counseling

Nobody should ever “slip through the cracks.” Addicted individuals have slipped or been stomped through so many cracks already. From the slick marketing of opioid painkillers, to the sudden halt in prescribing, to illegal buys, hot prescription pads, and heroin, the addicted person’s crack count is likely pretty high. Rehab is, for many,the last hope [&hellip

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Learn How To Use The KI67 Antibody

The KI67 antibody is a nuclear protein expressed in proliferating cells. It is primarily expressed during the late G1-, M-, S-, and G2-phases of cell cycles, while the cells in the quiescent (G0) phase are negative. More Information The KI67 antibody is designed for research needs only. It has no clone available, and the immunogen [&hellip

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