Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is transforming everything people do. Even emails and data analysis is utilizing some form of AI. If your company is leveraging AI in any way, you should invest in AI text analysis software. The information the software gleans from a multitude of daily business sources will help you determine which direction to take your business next.

Text Analysis vs. Data Mining

What’s the difference between text analysis and data mining? Simply put, there’s no difference. Both phrases refer to the same thing, except that the outcome of both processes is slightly different.

You are using AI text analysis software for both the analysis and data mining. In both cases, you instruct the software to look for something in particular, such as specific phrasing or numerical data. The software pulls the information you are requesting from a subset group of emails, memos, intra-office papers, etc., and returns the results to you in a legible document.

Why Use This Software?

Since a lot of communication is now utilizing AI to run between sender and receiver, it’s hard to tell if you are communicating with a real person or with a chatbot-type. Obviously, most people would like to speak with a real person, but AI can be used to generate communiques en masse. That is where the software comes in handy.

Deciphering what the intended message was supposed to be and clarifying with the supposed sender helps eliminate the potential for misunderstandings. To really see how this works, you have to buy the software and integrate it into your business’s IT.