Wondering how solar storage can improve your existing solar system? Well, here’s everything you need to know.

How Does Solar Storage Benefit My Connecticut Solar System?

You can always guarantee that solar systems are feasible in Connecticut with the state’s abundance of sunshine. Connecticut is also among the states with the highest energy rates in the country, so it makes financial sense to invest in a solar solution.

The standard set-up of a solar energy system is to be connected to the electric grid without batteries. Without solar storage, the grid makes up for the energy deficit from solar panels. You pay for this compensated energy, but you can sell it back when you produce more power than you need.

This method is known as net metering, which can reflect on your electricity bill securing a discount. It is different from solar storage, though. You can think of net metering as virtual storage.

Can Solar Storage Further Reduce My Connecticut Electricity Bill?

Electricity costs from traditional sources increase over the years. That’s why many people decided to switch to solar energy to avoid these unpredictable costs. Although solar requires upfront costs, a solar energy system still has a financial advantage compared to traditional utilities. The installation of a complete solar energy system requires no tax in Connecticut. Also, you can even use it to add value to your home without having to deal with property tax expenses. All of these are thanks to the Sales Tax and Property Tax exemptions. Solar in CT can also be eligible for the state rebate known as the RSIP or the Residential Solar Investment Program.

Furthermore, the amount of eliminated electric bill costs still depends on the performance of your solar system. Incorporating solar storage can even further save the homeowner more by participating in Eversource’s ConnectedSolutions program. In CT, this program will allow battery owners the ability to disperse energy from their batteries to the grid and get paid for putting this power into the grid through a grid sponsored “Demand Response” event..

How Much Does Solar Storage Add to the Cost of My Solar System?

The additional cost of incorporating solar storage depends on your needs for back up power in the event of an outage and if the battery component is part of the initial installation or a retrofit.. Tesla’s Powerwall 2 is one of the few models that you can attach to your old inverter. If it is part of a new installation then Generac’s PWRcell is the most efficient solution as the power for the batteries stays in DC just as it is produced by the solar panels and runs through their unique PWRcell.

As for the solar batteries, the choice depends on your purpose for implementing them into your existing system or as a new installation. These batteries can only be used temporarily and not for an extended period. However, the new Generac PWRcell solar battery provides an optimal solution for most cases. It boasts one of the highest efficiency rates of any battery available on the market and is backed by Tesla.

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