Can I Install Solar Battery Storage in Connecticut After Installing Solar Panels?

by | Oct 20, 2020 | Solar Panels

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When you have solar battery storage, you can rest assured that you are storing sufficient energy to power your home. Therefore, you always know you have a back-up source of power.

However, you can also incorporate a solar battery into your existing system through various means.

How to Incorporate Solar Battery Storage into Your System

Incorporating solar battery storage depends on your existing solar panel system. If you already have an inverter which has retrofit capabilities, then this means that your solar system can be close to storage-ready. Certain Inverters serve to quickly integrate batteries into your system without having to install additional equipment. These inverters might include certain SolarEdge inverters for an easy retrofit with Tesla or LG Chem, or certain Enphase microinverters which are perfect for Enphase’s Encharge battery systems.

Here are the two ways to install solar battery storage after installing solar panels.

For Storage-Ready Panels

If your solar panels are storage-ready, installation can be simple, requiring less equipment. Choosing a battery depends on how you want to utilize it in conjunction with your existing system. Before you proceed with your decision, keep in mind that you cannot go entirely off the grid even with batteries. These are sufficient for outages, extreme weather, and reducing demand charges, but are not intended to be used for an extended period of time.

Back-Up Batteries

The most critical advantage of owning solar batteries is the assurance of stable energy regardless of the situation. A reliable back-up using solar batteries can help you withstand power outages, extreme weather, and other circumstances. For a few hours of back-up in case of power outages, Tesla Powerwall