The Benefits of Biometric Liveness Detection

by | Aug 27, 2020 | Software Company

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Technology has rapidly evolved in the ability to allow remote users to access accounts and information through a variety of different methods. Unfortunately, hackers and criminals have evolved their technology as well, resulting in the need for greater accuracy in not only identifying images and photos in ensuring the photos and images are unaltered or otherwise fraudulent.

One of the latest in technological advances for KYC and fraud prevention is the use of biometric liveness detection. This is a system that uses specific biological markers or identifiers to ensure the image presented matches that of an image on record. It then goes a step beyond to verify the individual in the image is a live person and not a mock-up of a photo or the use of masks or altered images.

Spoofing Images

Without the ability to detect a live person, biometric liveness detection would be susceptible to spoofed images. These could include 2D photographs that have been altered to look like the individual.

It would also be possible for criminals to access online photos from social media sites or websites and use that image to gain access to a system or an account. However, the liveness detection technology immediately recognizes if a spoofed image or a digital representation of a face is obtained from another location.

Complex Algorithms

A quality biometric liveness detection system uses complex algorithms to check for images that are not generated from the person submitting the image. These complex algorithms can detect altered images, 3D masks, or spoofed or copied images by comparing the submitted images with the image on file for an immediate yes or no result with regards to authenticity. For additional information, see us at website.