Want Better Crops Without the Harmful Environmental Effects of Fertilizers?

by | Nov 3, 2020 | Product & Service

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Farmers are always trying to grow crops with better yields, higher resistance to excess water, and resistance to abiotic stress (a.k.a., extreme weather conditions, heavy metals in the soil, etc.). The trouble is, farmers have to use a variety of fertilizers to get the right balance in the soil and protection for their crops. Then the fertilizers end up as farm runoff, a major hazard to the environment. Farmers can’t stop farming, but they also can’t continue to rely on fertilizers. That is where biostimulants in agriculture play a major role.

What Biostimulants Are

Biostimulants in agriculture are specially designed nutrient additives for crops that require just a minute amount for application to get maximum benefits. A few drops can protect a single plant for most of its growing period while encouraging it to grow bigger, faster and better than fertilizer ever could. Even better, there is no runoff to harm the environment, making biostimulants a favorable alternative to fertilizers.

What They Can Do for Your Crops

If you are a farmer looking to increase your crops and their value at market, you can skip the fertilizers next spring and begin your crops in a growing shed with biostimulants this winter. Your crops will get a boost before they go into the ground and then you will see them spring up regardless of how wet, dry, cold or hot the weather and soil are. If you are ready to get started with your next crop, contact CJB Applied Technologies via

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