by | Jun 4, 2018 | Science and Technology

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Quadro Mill is the premium choice when it comes to choosing the best quality pharmaceutical machinery. Over the years, Quadro has been working into providing the best quality powder mixer machine and pharmaceutical machinery; enhancing the working principles of each of the milling machines, they have introduced into the market over the past 4 decades and bringing in different kinds of machines.

The Quadro milling machines follow a high-precision working, functioning in a reduced time interval, producing the best quality products giving accurate and scalable results. Additionally, the ownership has been decreased with improvement in the quality of the machines.

The milling machines by Quadro are not only used in powder mixing, they are used in tablet manufacturing, used as food processing equipment and liquid mixer machine.

These machines are mostly used in making powdered mixtures for filling them up into capsules or just packaging the powdered mixtures into tablets— these are used in juice making and food processing. By using active pharmaceutical ingredients, drug producers can innovate new drugs that require highly precise packaging of materials.

The ability to break down particles into fine molecules of powder or the reduction of the size of the Quadro Mill depends on the energy created within the milling chamber. The Quadro Mill’s energy-amplifying abilities are very innovative, which consist of re-engineered drives that extend the performance range from d50s of 150-300 μm down to the sub-150 μm range.

These mills, being highly efficient in doing the work they are assigned, are not at all unsafe to use. The electricity usage and types of equipment used in the fill come with high safety measures, which make the mills absolutely user-friendly as well as efficient at the same time.

Companies like Indexindia are tying up with Quadro to make the required targeted customers and clients get their desired mills. If someone is unsure which mill is suitable for their purposes, the professional helping team of Quadro will sit with the client and provide consultation. This will help them to understand which mill is reaching up to their expected needs.

If you are among such people, hurry up, contact IDEX India and get your Quadro Mill. To know more please visit Idexindia.in. For more details, reach us: info.fmt@idexcorp.com or call us: 1800 267 9955 (toll free)