If you have had a recent case of data loss, you may have already sent off your device for external hard drive recovery. While it may seem as if that means the matter is entirely out of your hands, there are a few things you should do while waiting to get your important documents and files back. We compiled them for this article, so you can be sure you’re ready to get back on track and avoid this situation in the future.

Backup All of Your Data

Every computer, tablet, and smartphone at your business or home, no matter how expensive or high-quality, can experience a hard drive failure. This applies to the internal hard drives in devices as well as external hard drives that are connected to devices. This is why it’s so important that you take time to backup your data from every source on a regular basis. As someone who has already dealt with external hard drive recovery, you know how important this can be so done not put it off.

You should always have two methods of backup, so you are safe if one of them fails. This applies to business and personal data. If you don’t want to lose important data and documents, you have to keep it safe and secure.

Restore Your System

Once you get back your external hard drive or whatever other device was involved in the data loss, there are often some things you will need to do. If it was a hard drive on your computer, there might be a need to reinstall software and copy files back to the machine. You can also then use the recovered files to fill in the gaps where data was lost. This process can take a bit of time and does require technical skills, so you may want to speak with a specialist to assist you.

Review the Data

Finally, after everything else is done, you will want to go through the files and make sure you have all the data you lost. If you are missing something, first make sure you cannot recover it from the copy your data professional sent. If it is still gone, it may have been data that was not able to be recovered. At that point, replacing it or finding a new way to work around it will be in order.

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