Tips For AML Verification

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Software Company

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One of the areas of specialization we provide to our banking and financial business customers is state-of-the-art AML verification. Banks and financial institutes are required to have AML (anti-money laundering) processes in place to meet industry and oversight compliance requirements.
Unlike a simple image verification, our service provides a comprehensive and robust authentication and verification process of the documents provided by the individual. Our system not only precisely matches key data points, but it also ensures several other critical elements for 100% accuracy with our AML verification service.

Database Updates Every 9 Minutes

The Accura Scan system checks the provided documentation on over 1700 different datasets, including those on sanction lists and adverse media databases. The information used for verification is updated every nine minutes, ensuring the verification completed is the most accurate possible.  
With immediate, real-time verification provided, banks and financial institutes using our system are fully compliant with all AML requirements. Using the system reduces the financial risk to the bank while providing a seamless experience for both the customer and the financial institute.

ID Scan Verification

For AML and KYC compliance, it is essential to know the ID presented by the individual is not altered or forged. Through our ID scan technologies, our system provides immediate, real-time verification of the authenticity of the document the customer supplies.

For more information on how AML and KYC compliance provides protection across industries, talk to the team at Accura Scan. Email us directly us for more information on how we can provide AML verification for your business.