Streamline CRM With SalesForce Integration for Your Atlanta Business

by | Sep 7, 2018 | Software Development

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The vast majority of Atlanta businesses are using some form of customer relationship management (CRM) system. However, for many businesses, this system has developed over time, with multiple programs and apps used to track customer engagement, communication and bringing in new clients and customers.

The challenge for any company is to manage these diverse and unconnected components to CRM system in place. Some companies have consolidated different programs into simple apps, but they have lost some of the features and options with the more comprehensive programs.

To address this issue, companies of all sizes and types in Atlanta turn to Salesforce. This is a dedicated and recognized CRM platform providing complete and comprehensive CRM services, fully customized to meet the needs of any business.

Integrating for Success

SalesForce integration, or bringing in the data from diverse apps and programs into the Salesforce system is a complicated process. Using professional services with expertise and experience in SalesForce integration streamlines the process and also set up the system for easy use within the business.

Through this process, all information about accounts, contacts, past purchases, sales interactions, problems experienced by the customer, solutions and all other customer related activity is available through a user-friendly system.

The business can manage marketing campaigns, emails campaigns, reporting and forecasting for the business as well as offering a variety of automated features on specific focus areas or general CRM applications. This automation reduces time spent in tracking leads, providing customer notifications and even in managing emails to and from customers and the team.

Through SalesForce integration, any business can reduce the amount of time spend in managing customers and sales. It even provides a comprehensive set of analytics to allow for precise tracking of specific issues relevant to the business.