The Challenges With Completing Volution To Magento Migration

by | Dec 14, 2018 | Software Development

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Volusion is a very popular platform for ecommerce businesses in Atlanta, made all the more popular due to its ease of use. With just a basic understanding of how you want the website to look, anyone with limited knowledge of website design can quickly and easily create a beautiful storefront.

The biggest challenge with Volusion is that it is not efficient when the eCommerce site grows and expands. It is also not ideal for large numbers of visitors and an increasing number of products and services, which is why many people choose to make a Volusion to Magento migration.

As with the initial setup of the Volusion site, the migration can be done by anyone with basic knowledge of the process. There are hundreds of blogs, articles and how-to videos explaining the process.

The issue, however, is not how to complete the Volusion to Magento migration, but to handle the exceptions and problems that will occur. By hiring a company to complete the migration, costly time and errors can be avoided.

Excessive Downtime

Within the migration, all functions and features supported by Volusion should, theoretically, also be supported by Magento. With various versions, different “fixes” and all types of incorrect integration into Volusion, this can be a complicated process.

When these elements of the website are not working, it creates excessive downtime and problems with new customers accessing the site.

Revenue and Customer Loss

Downtime also means the current customer base does not have access to make purchases. Today’s consumers will quickly move to the next URL on the search page, which will mean not only lost revenue but the potential loss of the existing customer base.

The Need for IT Professionals

If an Atlanta business cannot get their website back up and running or has problems with specific features and functions, they will need to hire professionals to complete the Volusion to Magento migration.

This can end up being more costly than the initial migration, which is why it is essential to have the process completed by a trusted web development company.