Food Safety Certifications: What, Why, and Which Are the Best

by | Nov 10, 2021 | Agricultural Service

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What Are Food Safety Certifications?

Food safety certifications are documentation by reputable third parties showing your business in the food industry is meeting predetermined guidelines and best practices.

Why Are These Certifications Important?

These demonstrate to your customers, employers, the government, and the public that you can be relied upon to handle food safely. The law requires some certifications, and businesses demand others to prove you have the appropriate level of knowledge and skill in this area.

Which Certifications Are Among the Best?

Some certifications hold more weight than others. However, several may cost you more to get than they will benefit you in opportunity or reputation. Thus, you need to know which ones are worth the effort. The following are a few of the most highly regarded in the industry.

Institute of Food Technology Certified Food Scientist

This is the only worldwide certification for food science professionals, according to the website.

NEHA Registered Environmental Health Specialist / Registered Sanitarian

This certification is almost always a requirement for professionals working in public health, and job advertisements in that industry usually list it as such.

FSPCA Certification in Preventive Controls

The FSPCA certification shows that you have the education or experience to implement food safety at an FDA-regulated facility.

A GFSI Certified Scheme

GFSI stands for Global Food Safety Initiative. Acquiring certification from GFSI could reduce the number of audits you are subjected to because of the high level of food safety proficiency that you need to have shown to get this.

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