Company Makes Medical Robots With Hygienic Goals in Mind

by | Oct 21, 2021 | Technology

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In the production of drugs, medical devices, and medical products, using robots helps create hygienic conditions. Medical robotics companies offer products that are lightweight and low in energy consumption. Their compactness also permits them to fit in tight spaces.

Robot Features for Cleanroom Applications

The sealed joints on these robots allow for sterilization with hydrogen peroxide gas and UV light. Some models have no screws in the robot arm. This is another feature that pushes sanitation along. Since these robots are ANSI- and CE-compliant, you can use them worldwide.

Cables and panel connectors out of the way on the bottom of the devices aid cleanroom applications. This configuration also makes them easy to install in sealed and quarantined environments. Because the wire in them is embedded up to the flange, they are unlikely to get tangled.

Arm Reach

Some models manufactured by medical robotics companies can be floor-mounted or ceiling-mounted. Examples of the arms reach of these adaptable products include 420mm, 430mm, 508mm, 605mm, 710mm, 905mm, 1021mm, and 1298mm.

Plenty of Customer Support

As you consider companies that make robots, know that DENSO Robotics is the world’s leader in small assembly robots. Our headquarters is in Japan, but we have locations in over three dozen places throughout the world.

Domestically, we have six Regional Support Centers in the U.S., and we have the distinction of being the world’s leader in small assembly robots.