The Water Treatment Process: Water Treatment Company in Beaumont, TX

by | Dec 22, 2016 | Water Testing

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Clean, drinkable, and safe water is essential for everyone, which is why the water treatment process is so important. Water is vital to every living thing, and it must be treated for consumption by humans. We use water for everything including drinking, hygiene, manufacturing, and general productivity.

Public and municipal water supplies undergo a rigorous water treatment process before reaching our taps, and it’s important to understand the process and how it works to better inform ourselves and others. Here are the basics of the water treatment process with a Electrodialysis Reversal System company in Harleysville, PA.


The first part of water treatment involves coagulation and flocculation. During this process, aluminum sulfate or a polymer is added to the untreated water. Dirt and other particles will coagulate as the substance is added, making the dirt easy to collect and filter out.


The water treatment company then moves the water to sedimentation bins wherein heavier particles separate from the water and settle at the bottom of the tank.

Filtration and Disinfection

The water then moves through another filter for additional processing. This is effective for disinfecting and removing impurities.


Any solids that have been collected from the water are dried separately. The dried remains are mainly organic and can be introduced to anaerobic bacteria and heated to produce methane. The methane can then be used for power when burned.

Fluoridation and pH Correction

In this last stage, water goes through some final touches so that it is safe for consumption and use. Along with some chemical additions, fluoride is often introduced. In small doses, fluoride has been proven to improve oral health, decreasing cavities and strengthening enamel. Also, the pH level of the water must be corrected. Soft water is preferred as it reduces corrosion within pipes of the water treatment company and any residential plumbing.

Water treatment is important and is done with the utmost care by companies such as Agape Water Solutions, Inc.s.

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