The KI67 antibody is a nuclear protein expressed in proliferating cells. It is primarily expressed during the late G1-, M-, S-, and G2-phases of cell cycles, while the cells in the quiescent (G0) phase are negative.

More Information

The KI67 antibody is designed for research needs only. It has no clone available, and the immunogen is the synthetic peptide that is derived from the C-terminus of the human protein by the same name. The Isotype is the Rabbit IgG, and it has an undetermined epitope. The molecular weight is between 345 and 395 kDa.


This antibody is designed for Immunohistochemistry applications. You will need to use Formalin-fixed or paraffin-embedded tissues to prepare the specimen. You should also use deparaffinized slides and can use xylene, an alternative to xylene, or graded alcohols.

If you choose to work with the concentrated version of the product, you will need to dilute the antibody using a ratio of 1:300 with ADS-125 diluents. However, this dilution rate is an estimate because your methods and protocols could be different. If you do need the traditional dilution ratio, you can also find a pre-diluted formula that can save you a few steps and keep your research going faster.

To retrieve the antigen, you will need to boil your tissue section in a Citrate buffer with a pH of 6.0 for at least ten minutes. Let it cool to room temperature for another 20 minutes. After the cooling period, you should incubate for ten minutes while also at room temperature.

The positive controls include the tonsil, breast carcinoma and lymph node with cellular localization occurring in the nucleus.

The KI67 antibody is an excellent research tool designed to help you get more information about a variety of human conditions. Visit Spring Bioscience today for more information or to purchase this product.