With patients coming and going, daily emergencies and juggling providers, a mental health treatment center can be a chaotic work environment. However, the right management software can help streamline administrative tasks and make your days run more smoothly. Here are three ways that software can improve your practice.

Manage Appointments Automatically

Mental health patients often need to be seen urgently or cancel appointments at the last minute. You can use mental health practice management software to automate the scheduling process and allow patients to book and reschedule online or by phone.

Store and Organize Notes

Keeping careful notes is one of the most important parts of a mental health practitioner’s job. Make it easier by digitizing all your notes and records, and sort them by patient so that you can easily pull up a file whenever you need it. Consider typing or dictating during visits for faster, more reliable note taking.

Send Prescriptions Electronically

Does your handwriting confuse the pharmacist? Do your patients always lose their prescriptions? Cut down on the phone calls by sending prescriptions electronically. Choose a mental health practice management software suite that can manage all your patients’ medication needs and send prescriptions directly to the pharmacy, penmanship not required.

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