Adding QR Code to Print and Digital Media via Code Generating Software

by | Jul 19, 2021 | Technology

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PC-based QR Code and SQRC generating programs are capable of creating and printing 2D codes and QR Codes according to specific needs. Code generation involves setting a module size that will print well and a required margin area along with imaging that follows QR Code standards.

Code Generating Software

QR Code generator software will generate one-dimensional and two-dimensional on a PC. The software can create both QR Code and SQRC, short for Security QR Code. QR Codes can also be generated within applications with the help of Active X control.

Output File Formats

QR Code generator software will also render code imagery in the most-used file types, including JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, EMF, and WMF.

QR Code Generation With Visual Programming

Such programming languages as Microsoft VisualBasic can also implement QR Code generation in application program development.

Extra Features

Documentation can also be embedded in Microsoft Word and other applications. QR Code generator software also permits symbol creation via macro languages in Access, Excel, and other platforms.

SQRC Software

SQRC software can also set cryptography keys, required for SQRC-code recognition. This capability is advantageous for industries like pharma, healthcare, warehousing, retail, and manufacturing.

QR Code Originators

Denso Automatic Data Capture is a division of the worldwide network based in DENSO, the recognized leader in easy encoded information capture and use. Among the company’s applications are Facial Authentication SQRC, QRdraw Ad, QRmaker Ad, Frame QR, Security QR Code (SQRC), and QRQR – QR Code Reader.

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