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Providing Continuity of Care from Detox to Outpatient Counseling

Nobody should ever “slip through the cracks.” Addicted individuals have slipped or been stomped through so many cracks already. From the slick marketing of opioid painkillers, to the sudden halt in prescribing, to illegal buys, hot prescription pads, and heroin, the addicted person’s crack count is likely pretty high. Rehab is, for many,the last hope [&hellip

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A Guide to Streamlining Administrative Processes in Behavioral Health Facilities

Regardless of what type or size of medical facility you’re running, providers run into the same problems that waste time. Keeping track of patient treatments, medical billing, and appointment scheduling often takes place over several different platforms, including both paper and digital. This leads not only to a time drain, but also to brain drain [&hellip

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3 Benefits of Using Software to Manage Patient Records

Information is the most important asset in the medical sector at large, and that counts twice as much for mental health centers— where the tiniest detail can have the biggest impact. Keeping track of patients effectively and comprehensively requires acute attention to detail on the part of the staff, as well as ample access to [&hellip

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